About Us

Due to the large demand of the printing space occurred after the changes of December 1989, creating our own religious printing shop became an inevitable task and in January 1990 we took the first initial measures in this respect.

By the HEKS donation, the Reformed Bishopric of Transylvania and the Reformed Bishopric of Piatra Craiului became the owners of a small but suitable printing shop in order to have weekly, bimonthly publications, magazines, books and other printed materials published.
The donated equipment included: one 50×70 and one 35×50 offset printing machines, three electric typewriters that connect the layer folding machine, the cutting machine and the hot melt coating machine on the one hand and the typewriters and the computer on the other hand, one AGFA camera, two mounting tables and plate making machineries.

The printing shop has been operating for 20 years and has been able to keep up the pace with the constantly developing technologies. We have managed to develop pre press continuously, raising it to the level of current demands and keeping it at this very same standard.